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Getting to Know African Filmmakers with International Recognition

by Joy Della Ocloo.

Most of the African filmmakers we know and admire are the many many “faithfuls” who have kept us in tune with movies that bring us great and good memories. These filmmakers deserve some serious credit because had it not been for them, the filmmakers I am about to list here below might not have had the courage to come home to tell stories with high budgets and elaborate appeal.

I will humbly attribute their success to those filmmakers who kept the fire burning. BUT, those who kept the fire burning must realize that times are changing and so they must also change. Its not about popularity but about making quality films.

In no particular order, here are filmmakers who have made films that have crossed boundaries and have been recognized and given acclaim by other film industries to include Hollywood. Most of the profiles of these filmmakers I gathered from LA Times, Indiewire, Variety.com and Hollywood Reporter.

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