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SDCC 2011: WTF Is ‘Twixt’? Coppola Explains

by Tom Cheredar.

Director Francis Ford Coppola debuted footage from his new movie called Twixt, a new non-linear film making experience that incorporates live performances (music and narration) and both 2D and 3D sequences.

If you’re confused by that description, then you are not alone. I didn’t actually know what I was watching when Coppola played the first clip — even after an explanation to the audience.

Basically, Coppola wants to create a movie that can be performed, unlike the current crop of “canned” movies, which are what you see is what you get. Using new software, the director is able to play portions of scenes in different order. Both the narration and the film’s music, done by performance artist Dan Deacon, also has to be altered based on how the new scenes are arranged.

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