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What makes a great movie? A passionate director and creative control.

from Comic Book Movie.

Passion in movie making…it’s sounds like a contradiction.The movie industry is ultimately about money,isn’t it? (and egomania,but I digress) Well,on rare occasions,it’s not,it’s about passion expressed through an art medium-film.And that’s when the public most benefit.

I’m a gen-xer, so I’ll deal film from my generation.

First, ‘Stat Wars’. Lucas had a vision-an amazing world which he passionately desired to create.Fox exe’s were a bit inflexible,and put massive pressure on his creative process,but ultimately his vision, birthed in artistic passion,was created and changed the world of film.(of course, after ‘The Empire Strikes Back’,his descent from reality commenced,but initially the germ of inspiration was created).

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