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What Are Your Filmmaking Goals?

by Jason Brubaker.

If you’ve been making movies for any length of time, you know that the idea of seeing your work on the big (or small screen) can be totally fun, exciting and (let’s be honest) challenging.

Over the past decade, I have experienced headaches, heartache, challenges and really, really crappy moments. But I have also experienced the awesomely surreal, super exciting moments that come when people watch my stuff and actually say good things.

Having spent many hours speaking to other filmmakers, I know that we are all driven to get our movies made, seen and sold. The problem is – sometimes life gets in the way. Bills need to be paid. And sometimes we put our filmmaking dreams on hold…

I have always found life easier to deal with, when I set exciting goals for myself. By writing down what you want, you can begin to get out of the crappy headspace and negative self doubt into a world where things seem possible.

To get your projects going, I think it is essential that you create a clear and exciting vision for yourself and your future… Because (believe me) you’ll need something exciting to focus on, should things get challenging…

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