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Silence Speaks: Can empowering women, by training them in filmmaking, end poverty

from the Guardian.

Training in filmmaking and journalism is empowering women across rural Africa to find their voice and articulate their own development agendas.

Twenty seven year old Doreen squats amongst a group of women in a field in Samfya, Zambia. With the youngest of her four children tied to her back she works diligently and with intense concentration.Usually Doreen and the women she is working with do not elicit so much as a second glance but today they are attracting quite a crowd.

This is because rather than the dusty pick she would normally wield Doreen is holding a digital video camera, whilst another woman beside her is intently repositioning a sound boom. They are making a film about the impact of early marriage on their community and are in the process of interviewing one of the many mothers in their village.

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