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Spy Thriller will debut on BitTorrent

by Janko Roettgers.

The BitTorrent-powered video platform VODO will release a movie this Friday that could be the site’s biggest bet on file sharers’ willingness to pay for content yet: The spy thriller A Lonely Place for Dying cost $200,000 to make, and first-time filmmaker Justin Eugene Evans wants to use the funds raised via VODO to finance an ambitious self-organized theatrical release on up to 200 screens next January.

Crowd-financed film making has sometimes been decried as a way for amateurs to produce scripts written fresh out of film school for budgets that Hollywood usually spends on catering, but A Lonely Place for Dying is in a bit of a different league. The movie has been shown at numerous film festivals and was nominated for 45 awards of which it has received 19, including 14 for best motion picture. Its cast includes Six Feet Under actor James Cromwell, who is also credited as the film’s executive producer. Evans told me during a phone conversation on Wednesday that his team initially wanted to go down the traditional indie release route.

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