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Lollywood’s sinking ship

by Sher Khan.

The recent string of newly released Pakistani films has failed to make a dent in box office sales, suggesting a continued decline of Lollywood, due to the lack of response by audiences.

Cinema owners suggest that the film-makers must make movies of international standards if they are to capture the Pakistani market. They said that very few films had been released this year, including Urdu film Khamosh Raho and Punjabi film Ek Ghazi Aur. Both lasted merely three days at the box office and were deemed as ‘utter failures’ due to poor film-making and lack of marketing.

Chairman Pakistan Film Ex-hibitors Association, Zoraiz Lashari thinks the cinema industry is going through a changing trend. Now, investors don’t find large 800-seat cinemas cost-effective due to the overhead cost. As a result, more people are interested in investing in cineplexes which cater to 200 people and have better screen quality, he said.

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