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Nollywood parades world-class hands to up filmmaking in Nigeria – Vivian Ejike

by Adedayo Odulaja.

Vivian Ejike is a notable name in the Nigerian Film Industry, popularly known as Nollywood. As a producer of repute, many Nigerians, especially all those who have anything to do with Nollywood, fondly place her as a young woman who is already standing tall in the industry despite her few years in the industry of light, camera and action and one that is dominated by men.

Like the award-winning movies she has produced, talking to or with her is a treasured experience because her confidence, professional mindset as well as her deep knowledge about the industry she operates are some of the virtues one would notice in such a discussion.

Vivian, a major contributor to what is now referred to as the refined thinking in Nollywood, some of the things that make up a good movie is one question she did not waste much time to answer.

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