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WARTS & ALL: The Films of Danny Plotnick at Subversive Cinema

by Joseph Mael.

On Friday, June 24, Subversive Cinema in Santa Monica will be presenting Warts & All: The Films of Danny Plotnick.  Microcinema DVD released this compilation of Plotnick’s films in 2008 that includes 10 of his films, director, cast and crew commentary for all films, over 60 behind the scenes photos, flyers & posters, complete technical specs for all films including fetishistic photos & illustrations of equipment and an 8 page booklet of insights and anecdotes.

Danny has produced some of the more well-received underground videos to ever see the light of day.  He has put in his due diligence and by all accounts, he is well-respected by his filmmaker peers and the people who view his work.  The business of getting shorts out for public consumption is so different from the days when much of his fine early work was filmed, but Danny’s vision is a tasteful, imaginative look at the slice of history his early work documents which is well covered in Warts & All.

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