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Will More Animated Film Options Mean More Female-Oriented Films?

by Mark Hughes.

I’m a fan of animated films. And I’m a really big fan of Pixar. I’ve yet to see a film from Pixar that I didn’t think was at least “really good” and most are great. Some, like WALL-E and Toy Story 3, were among the best films of the year when they were released.

But this isn’t an article about how much I love Pixar. This is an article about how much Pixar’s excellence has resulted in the rise of rival studios vying for the title of top animated filmmakers, and how Pixar’s loss of a Secretariat-like lead has been a boon for the rest of us. And it’s an article about women and girls, and how they are going to get a lot more attention soon.

Read the rest of this article from Forbes.

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