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AmEx Chief Marketer John Hayes Promotes Short Filmmaking at TFF 2011

by Brad Balfour.

With last night’s opening premiere of The Union, director Cameron Crowe’s doc about Elton John and Leon Russell, the 10th Tribeca Film Festival kicks off. Though this 12-day event has enjoyed mixed reviews after its noble start as a response to the 9/11 World Trade Center attack’s devastating effects on downtown Manhattan life, it has become an annual event in the city’s spring calendar.

Initially created to regenerate interest in and bring people to Tribeca and lower Manhattan, the festival evolved into a sprawling set of contradictory ideas and goals — was it meant to be a high-profile red-carpet, celebrity-driven media circus or a celebration of international cinema was just one question raised. In any case, one thing has been certain, that with the support of its founding sponsor American Express, the festival had the secure financial bedrock from which it could be nurtured into a yearly event sustained by more than its original rationale for existence.

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