Buffoonery Flash Mob in Vancouver on April Fools Day!

by Peter D. Marshall

So what does a Buffoonery Flash Mob in Vancouver have to do film directing? Well…not much directly.

BUT… if you watch the following video, you will observe a variety of human emotions and behaviors.

Not just from the Buffoons themselves, but from the unsuspecting audience who are watching and participating.

And as artists, story tellers and  filmmakers, isn’t that what we are ultimately aspiring to?

To create a story (whether it is film, or theatre, or street performance) that will make an audience FEEL!

Yes! That IS our job as artists – to shake up the audience by pushing the boundaries of “normality” and make them feel some kind emotion. This Buffoonery Flash Mob does just that – just watch the different reactions from the various spectators.

And by the way, this Buffoonery Flash Mob was created my partner, Trilby Jeeves and her group of Vancouver Buffoons!

Please enjoy this short video.



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