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In Hollywood, a Decade of Hits Is No Longer Enough

by Brooks Barnes.

FOR the last 12 years, Alan F. Horn’s movie operation has printed money for Warner Brothers, the largest of Hollywood’s studios. Sure, there have been flops and missteps. But Mr. Horn, as Warner’s president and chief operating officer, has generally kept the studio on an unusually steady course by delivering hit after hit: “The Perfect Storm,” “300,” “The Departed,” “Happy Feet,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Sherlock Holmes,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “The Dark Knight.”

The most lucrative film franchise in Hollywood history, bigger even than “Star Wars” and James Bond, is Harry Potter. And Mr. Horn is largely the one to thank for that. But in the coming days, Mr. Horn will ride — unhappily — into the sunset after being squeezed out of the studio to make room for a new generation of managers.

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