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Seeing life through a new (digital) lens

by Steve Rose.

When Jean-Luc Godard declared that all you need to make a movie is “a girl and a gun”, he wasn’t being entirely truthful. Above all, you need a camera, which has often been more of a sticking point than the other two.

Professional-quality stills cameras have always been affordable, but even in the digital age movie cameras are traditionally the sort of equipment you hire, or remortgage your house to buy. But that’s all about to change, thanks to – of all things – a stills camera.

Canon’s EOS 7D, released last year, looks no different from any other digital SLR camera you’d take your artful holiday snaps on, but the camera’s video function – traditionally an afterthought on stills cameras – is good enough to shoot a proper movie with.

According to film-maker and photographer Mike Figgis, the 7D is “one of the major breakthroughs in cinematic technology of the last 100 years”.

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