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Bobby Roth: On Directing One Day Master Class

Bobby Roth has come up with a seminar on directing for network TV and independent film that is beneficial for aspiring directors and actors alike.

He takes his students through the process from the first day of prep through through post production, with a strong emphasis on casting and directing actors, as well as his technique of envisioning the scene so one can make a complete and detailed shot list necessary for both artistic excellence and efficiency.

Check out Bobby’s Demo Reel.

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Working Stage Theater
1516 N. Gardner St.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

From Miami Vice to Prison Break and Lost, Bobby Roth has directed over 50 US television series in his 30-year career, also serving as Executive Producer and Producer on the 1985 ABC series The Insiders and the 2005 CBS series Numb3rs.

In addition, Roth has directed 20 movies for television, including the award-winning 2005 CBS Elizabeth Smart Story. Roth also has 13 feature films to his credit, from the celebrated 1984 Heartbreakers to his recent release, the award-winning Berkeley.



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