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Filmmaking is about artistic freedom

by Times of India.

Having swept the top honours at the 83rd Academy Awards – including the Best Motion Picture, Best Director and Best Actor in a Lead Role – The King’s Speech joins a long list of critically acclaimed films that took liberty with historical facts. To expect otherwise would not be reasonable. Good cinema has never been about getting historical details right but about dramatising history in a manner that connects with audiences.

Period dramas always leave scope for nitpicking, but that is hardly the point. Unlike in the movie Braveheart William Wallace never wore kilts. Roman emperor Commodus wasn’t killed in the Colosseum as in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. Perhaps the love story between emperor Akbar and Jodhaa Bai in Jodhaa Akbar was exaggerated. Gandhi wasn’t the blameless saint portrayed in the film Gandhi. So what? All these films have the power to move us, and convey history in a manner that’s relevant to large sections of the audience. And in the end, that is what matters.

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