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Melik Karapetyan Discusses Filmmaking in Armenia

by Ani Boyadjian.

I first met Melik Karapetyan in 1994, when I was working in Armenia. A mutual love of film provided endless topics of conversation. Melik is one of many dedicated young Armenians in Armenia quietly and persistently working to make impossible dreams come true. And as is true with most intellectuals in our country, he’s been consistently short on finances but always long on passion and creativity. Although his formal educational background is applied mathematics, he currently happily resides in the world of the arts.

When I was in Yerevan a few months ago, he took me to the home of an amazing—and reclusive—artist named Gamo Nigarian, arguably one of the most impressive Armenian artists living today. Melik managed to not only meet Gamo and visit him regularly—no small feat since the artist has no desire for self-promotion—but also managed to get him to participate in a project, commissioning the artist to create original posters meant to coincide with Melik’s film programs. It was meant to be a one-off project, but now, nearly a year later, Gamo is still producing artworks for Melik.

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