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Fight Choreography – A Practical Guide for Stage, Film and Television

I’m directing one of 5 short films in a VFS series calledSteampunk Neverland which is a darker version of Peter Pan’s Neverland re-imagined with Steampunk technology. The episode I’m directing is called “Forever” which depicts the final battle (sword fight) between Hook and Pan and tales place on Hooks floating “airship.”

In order to create believable and exciting sword fights, we are very fortunate to have F. Braun McAsh as our fight choreographer. Braun is training our three actors on the right way to handle the weapons as well as choreograph 4 fights for the film.

Braun has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a professional sword master. He has been a fight choreographer since 1976 and has over 120 professional film, TV and stage credits as well as over 400 fights on film alone.

Braun has also written the only authoritative book on this subject called “Fight Choreography – A Practical Guide for Stage, Film and Television.”

If you are interested in finding out more about this book or in contacting Braun for your film, please email him at hareinthegate@shaw.com.

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