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DIY Filmmakers Dig High-Def, Low-Cost DSLR Cameras

by Hugh Hart.

Digital single lens reflex cameras aren’t just for still photographers anymore. The ability to capture rich, high-definition video is drawing DIY filmmakers to the relatively inexpensive devices, which cost far less than conventional movie cameras.

“DSLRs are a game-changer for moviemakers because they’re the first low-priced video cameras on the market which really can compete with good old 35mm film,” said Joshua Beyer, director of the Cinema Out of Your Backpack DSLR film festival.

Preceded by similar festivals in the United States and Canada, Cinema Out of Your Backpack is the first European event devoted to movies shot on DSLR cameras, which boast upgraded sensors that capture more data than conventional video cameras. The latest DSLRs, which let moviemakers take advantage of interchangeable “fast” lenses to shoot noise-free footage in low-light environments, deliver a positively filmic look, as measured by richness of natural colors and depth of field.

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