MAKING IT in Film Production!

by Peter D. Marshall

MAKING IT in Film Production! by John Gaskin

Whether you are, or want to become, a film director, or already work in some capacity in film production of any kind, this article will help you make it!

Why aren’t there more AD’s becoming Film Directors, graduating Film Students becoming filmmakers, Film Crew becoming Line Producers? Why aren’t more crew reaching the level of Department Head? Why aren’t more film school students finding work? I’m sure there are lots of reasons, but take a quiet moment to really look. Let’s see…. It’s not competence – most crew disappear pretty quickly if they’re slow witted and incompetent. Film students who graduate have shown they’re pretty smart. It’s not a lack of drive – again, for the same reasons. Wouldn’t you agree that the biggest hurdle is getting the opportunity? Well, that’s true and not true. The biggest hurdle is MAKING the opportunity.

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