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Kukurantumi, The Road To Accra: Ghana Movies So Far

This article was written by Stephen Atta Owusu.

“Kukurantumi, the road to Accra,” a “real film” (i.e. shot on 35mm camera and distributed in the big format), directed by King Ampaw and co-produced by Ghana and Germany in 1983, was one of the first Ghanaian films to be shown on television in many European countries. I personally watched the film in 1985 on a Finnish television channel. This film was a departure from the first films that were made by Bob Cole of blessed memory. King Ampaw’s latest movie was the comedy “No time to die,” in 2007 also shot in the big format.

Even before “Kukurantumi”, Kwaw Ansah directed one of the most popular Ghanaian films ever: “Love brewed in the African Pot” in 1981. This film, with post-production work outside Ghana, was extremely popular in other African countries too. It was reported that in Kenya, the cinema houses featuring the usual Hollywood and Indian fare, were empty as people trooped to watch the Ghanaian movie. This was also a “real” film rather than a video film.

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