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Seven things I learned from Blake Edwards: A filmmaker remembered

This article was written by Drew McWeeny.

Born in 1922.  That’s amazing to me.  And Blake Edwards absolutely was a product of an era… of several of them… as well as one of the influences that turned out so many other people who are products of time spent with his amazing body of work.

We all have filmmakers we feel a special affinity for, and in the case of Blake Edwards, I have always felt somewhat alone in my love for his work.  I am frequently amazed at how dismissive people are towards big chunks of his work, and in particular, how much disrespect there is for the “Pink Panther” series with Peter Sellers.  I have said it many times in print before and I would feel remiss if I did not take the occasion of his passing to once again state just how great Edwards was.  He had a phenomenal sense of composition, and if you’ve only seen his comedies on TV, panned and scanned, you have done him a great disservice.

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