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Independent film producer looking for an experienced feature film director

This inquiry is from a subscriber of my film ezine, “The Director’s Chair.”


My name is Tor Rayne and I am in independent film producer and founder of Over the Edge Pictures, which I have created as a vehicle to make revolutionary motion pictures that are not only artistic, but profitable as well.

I am currently looking for an experienced feature film director for a project I have in development titled BAD MEDICINE.  The loglines for the film are as follows:  “When evidence of a national conspiracy falls into the hands of a cancer stricken Super Bowl hero, new teams take the field with the lives of 11 million Americans at stake.”  “When the medical mafia tries to stop a football star from beating cancer, a small Kansas town must band together to save his life.”

The purpose of the film is to tell a great story and raise awareness of promising alternative cancer treatments that have been suppressed.  The film website will be created as a hub for info on alternative cancer treatments, blogs for survivors to share their stories, and links to alternative clinics, doctors, and supplements.

A portion of all sales from the website will help fund cutting edge cancer research at the Kanzius Foundation and help provide financial assistance to children seeking treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.

This project is in the 2 million dollar range and will be shot on location in Kansas.  Preliminary shooting schedule is around 30 days.

Potential directors must have feature film experience and I would like the director to be able to bring an actor on board with a recognizable name, although this is not a necessity.

I can be reached at overtheedgeproductions@yahoo.com or by phone at 620-687-1308

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  • Awat Namiq Agha November 8, 2010, 12:36 PM

    Dear Tor Rayne,

    I would very much like to assist you in this great project but as I am busy with my post graduate studies, I won’t be able to do so.

    Best wishes,

    Awat Namiq Agha