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60 Best Blogs for Aspiring Screenwriters

This article was written for Bachelors Degree.

“Creative industries seem impenetrable for those attempting to launch their careers, owing to the minimum amount of jobs and exhausting crush of people thinking they hold the next Citizen Kane in their hot little hands. The film and television industries especially suffer from this phenomenon, intimidating many who genuinely have something to offer the mediums. As countless G.I. Joe episodes have touted, “knowing is half the battle” — and this mantra especially applies to aspirant screenwriters and filmmakers.

Staying on top of the latest people, places and pieces, opinions, and trends is almost as crucial to forging a career as completely understanding the narrative devices that make a script stand out. The internet, per usual, delivers on this front with a cascade of reading material poking and prodding every nook and cranny of the cinematic arts. While this list is by no means comprehensive — nor does it dismiss the contributions of other resources out there — it does provide a hopefully valuable and diverse starting point for anyone hoping to see their stories get told.”

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