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The 11 most earth-shattering documentary films of all time

This article was written by Maria Puente.

“Waiting for Superman, the Davis Guggenheim-directed documentary about the nation’s flawed education system, has done very well in limited release. Last weekend it had the highest per-screen average of the 20 films with the highest box office earnings. It will continue expanding through October to movie theaters across the USA.

The film has generated discussion on the effect of documentary films on the subject they are documenting.

In this vein, Betsy McLane, a historian of documentary films and self-described “documentary diva,” picks her “Top 11 Docs That Shook the World,” a deliberate allusion to Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein’s classic drama, October: Ten Days That Shook the World, about the 1917 Russian Revolution.”

Read the rest of this article from USA Today.

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