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“Directing the Film Actor” 3 Day Intensive Workshop: Sept. 24, 25, 26, 2010, Vancouver, Canada

“Directing the Film Actor” is a 3 day hands-on workshop with Peter D. Marshall and Trilby Jeeves held in Vancouver, Canada that concentrates on the filmmaker’s main task: directing the actor!

This workshop was designed for filmmakers who want to know how to get the best results from actors.

“Peter and Trilby are very sincere and dedicated! We shared so much during the 3 days. For this workshop, we directors, producers, and artists were able to understand more of each others difficulties and inner feelings during production period. You two have enlightened us so much. Thank you, God bless!” Taykok Peng Edmund, Singapore

“Directing the Film Actor”

Workshop Objective – The objective of this workshop is to explore the film director’s creative process in shaping an actor’s performance.

Day One – Covers the theory behind the director’s job, the importance of script and scene breakdown, character analysis and understanding the actor’s process.

Day Two – Covers acting exercises, guidelines for the casting session, and practical blocking and directing exercises.

Day Three – Each director will block and rehearse a scene with two actors. All scenes will be recorded for review and analysis as a group.

To find out more information about this 3 day event, including the course content and how to register, please Click Here.

P.S. This 3 day intensive workshop is limited to only 10 filmmakers, so if you are interested, please register early.

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