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A dance with 3-D

This article was written by David Ng.

“The pressure to come up with new and exciting dance moves often keeps choreographers thinking outside the box. Now, with the flood of 3-D film releases, they must also think outside the frame.

“It’s not just the choreography within the frame but the frame itself,” says Jon Chu, director of “Step Up 3D,” which opens Friday. “With 3-D, the frame becomes a much more active partner, and it becomes a duet between audience and dancers.”

“Step Up 3D” and “StreetDance 3D” demonstrate how choreographers and dancers have managed to overcome the rigors of 3-D filmmaking to create dance sequences that take full advantage of the eye-popping format.”

Read the rest of this article from LA Times.

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  • Phillip Gibb August 11, 2010, 2:56 AM

    seems to me that 3D is an opportunity to move objects rapidly towards the camera to remind the audience that they are watching a 3D movie. lol.
    I believe that filmmakers will have to be careful in choosing to film 3D.
    no sense making Pretty Woman 2 in 3D,
    probably easier to do animation in 3D – than live action.
    But then, when doing action film, should it be 3D?
    Now there is where the dance begins.