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Diggnation co-creator Alex Albrecht Announces Production Partnership with Scripped.com and Indiegogo.com

Alex Albrecht, the co-creator of Diggnation and the Totally Rad Show announced a partnership to produce a screenplay (found on Scripped.com) and raise funds for the production using Indiegogo.com.

This marks the first time ever that a film production will be based on a crowdsourced screenplay using crowdsourced funding. The shift toward community-based production over the past year was Albrecht’s inspiration behind the project:

“I’ve been really excited about the prospects of crowdsourcing for a number of years now.” Albrecht said “After meeting Sunil at a UCLA business school panel we talked about crowdsourcing a sci-fi short film for me to direct.  It seemed like a no brainer, the Internet helped kick start my hosting career why not leverage the Internet to help kick start my directing career.  After running a very successful script contest Sunil mentioned that IndieGoGo was helping people crowdfund their projects and our project “Neverland” could be the first fully crowdsourced project start to finish.  I immediately signed on and I’m very excited to see what happens next.”

“After successfully crowdsourcing the screenplay, we’re excited to see Alex involve fans and raise money using IndieGoGo’s collaborative funding tools,” said Danae Ringelmann, COO of IndieGoGo.  “With lots of cool perks from which to choose, anyone can help Alex turn Lothrop’s script into reality.  Just go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/Neverland

“We are thrilled that Alex decided to move forward with the production of ‘Neverland’ (by Coy Lothrop) ,” said Sunil Rajaraman, CEO, Scripped.  “Alex, and others are beginning to recognize that Scripped.com is becoming a destination to find quality content from up and coming writers.”

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