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West Coast Black Television Network is looking new contents submissions

The West Coast Black Television Network is currently looking for new television programming for launching the new urban network. We are interested in having a urban exercise show, urban sport show and urban cooking show. If you have footage of events and/or concerts, and you hold all rights then we can talk! Our demographics is Black/mainstream Latino & Asian/White that love the urban entertainment world.

Right now we’re working with 4 MSO’s for picking us up. You should have a min.of 13 to 20 shows in the can? The WCBTN & any indie Producer under contract will split AD revenue with us at 70%/30%. This must happen to secure the best Producers and completely pay off our debt ratio.

Most contracts are yearly, except creative programs then we’ll afford a 5 yr deal. Not everyone is made for our network. We’re not looking to be another BET or TV One which are the two best urban networks out right now. Ours is being developed to be the future of urban TV. West Coast Black Television Network is a new urban network built on a 24/7, all West Coast Entertainment plateform.

We will add friends of the WCBTN from other East/South/Midwest regions. If you do club events your footage will go under our franchise “THE CLUB 20 FAMILY” ie NY CLUB 20, ATLANTA CLUB 20..If you have short films or indie features those will be under our trademarked show URBAN FILM FACTOR..We also will have a BLACK HSN show but it will be more innovative than anything on television right now.

The West Coast will rise again on the back of the WCBTN. We are currently working on broadcasting a live telecast from Las Vegas, NV. Send us an email @ westcoastblacktv@gmail.com . If you are interested in this new vision in television.

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