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The first Super 8 picture show

This article was written by Ian Kilroy.

“THE 8MM FILM format became iconic when Abraham Zapruder caught the assassination of JFK on it in 1963.

Its lurid colour heightens reality. It endows even contemporary events with the aura of nostalgia. On super 8 film stock, it’s always the wonder years and even old home movie footage of rained-on St Patrick’s Day parades looks warm and attractive.

“The look of super 8 is still very much sought after,” says Julien Dorgère, the French founder of the new Super 8 Shots film festival in Galway. “People shoot digital and they all complain that it’s flat. It is very hard to make digital film footage look good. But with super 8, it has a charm. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about it,” he says.”

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