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Why is there so much movie violence against women?

This article was written by Natasha Walter.

“The rising tide of sadistic movie violence against women has reached a climax with The Killer Inside Me – but it’s far from the only guilty party.

Michael Winterbottom’s new film, The Killer Inside Me, has achieved a certain notoriety for its rapt attention to the murder of its female leads. It’s particularly the death of a prostitute, Joyce, played by Jessica Alba, which has divided viewers. The murder hardly came as a surprise to me, given that when I went to see the film I had already read a couple of interviews with Winterbottom and a couple of assessments of the film, but even so, I was almost overwhelmed during the scene. It’s tough watching a woman whimpering “Why?” as her eye is punched out of place and her bones crunch.”

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