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How the West Was Fun

This article was written by Charles Russell.

“So I’m dying to know, where did the epics go? Not just the big studio and big budget MGM epics of yesteryear’s bygone era but the thirst for an epic story in general. Even if it’s just an epically personal approach, we are drowning in half stories out here.

In 1948, 1 million televisions sets were sold in the United States; by 1951, that number had grown to 12 million. Movie going audiences had dropped by about 40 million. Film exhibitors, no longer tied to Hollywood studios, had the need and the necessary freedom to try something new to attract audiences away from their home entertainment.

This is what that damn Cinerama Dome was made for! Before your Arclight Card, The Cooking School and a 24hour Fitness there was a big parking lot, a parking lot that surrounded a technical film making milestone and marvel and an ingenious new way of filming and displaying full immersion sensory film epics. Or maybe it was just a phenomenal waste of time and energy? As our previous President of the United States used to say, “Let history decide what we got right.”

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