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This article was written for Escapology.

“At the end of the day it’s all about editing, isn’t it.

I’m editing some spots at the moment. I have to say, in all immodesty, that I have always been pretty good at editing. Because editing is true storytelling. The best part of filmmaking! and I love that bit.

There’s a old movie expression: in film you write something three times. you write when you write it. you write it when you shoot it. and you write it when you edit it.”

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  • Sam Slaughter April 25, 2010, 2:47 PM

    True storytelling? Are there watered-down versions as in when you are writing it or directing it?

    I believe you can do a lot of magic in the editing portion of a film’s life cycle, but the word “true” sounds demeaning to the other roles contributing to the story.

  • vinny warren April 25, 2010, 3:16 PM

    thanks for the linkage.

    sam, not my intent. all i was saying was that things change as you transition from writing to shooting to editing. editing is where you realize what you got. and you find out how that compares to your original vision. and that is directly proportional to the talent that has touched it in the film-making and post-production phase. the edit is only as good as the shoot. which was only as good as the original idea. but production values can either max out or kill an idea. and that’s a money thing.

    my real point is that editing is writing. and the writer had better be involved. in my job i’m in control of all three stages of the process. hence my interest.

  • Peter D. Marshall April 25, 2010, 3:27 PM

    What I believe, and what I teach, is that good directors need to understand the power of montage. It is one of the most important steps in the filmmaking process. Remember the “Kuleshov Effect.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuleshov_Effect

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