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I have an international filmmaking mission – and I need your help!

Dear Filmmaker,

I have a mission – and that mission is to share my 35 years of “in the trenches” film production knowledge with filmmakers like yourself, around the world.

To me, making a good movie is the art of visually telling a compelling story with believable characters. And because filmmaking is a universal language, no matter where we live in the world, we all have our own stories to tell.

I firmly believe that if you have a story with Universal Themes, and you have the passion and dedication to tell this story, you can make a movie, in your own language, and audiences around the world will watch it.

And my filmmaking philosophy is very simple: after 35 years in the film and television industry, I have found that successful filmmakers understand and follow this 4-step process (and in this order):

1. STUDY OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR (Understanding human emotions and feelings. What makes us tick? The reasons why we do things.)

2. STORY (What is the story about? What is the theme? What are the scene objectives? What are you trying to say? What is your POV?)

3. PERFORMANCE (What are the character objectives? What is the subtext? What really motivates a character?)

4. TECHNICAL (Everything else it takes to make a movie –  Locations, Cinematography, Editing, Stunts, Visual FX etc.)

Once you know what motivates a person to achieve their daily needs, you will understand your story better; you will be able to help your actors achieve believable performances; and you will feel more confident about blocking a scene, and picking the right camera angles to visually tell the story.

This is the formula I use to teach my workshops. And it works!

I guarantee that when my workshops are completed, participants will see for themselves how any director, even someone with very little experience, can effectively block a scene and get a believable performance from an actor!

“I have taken several directing courses and Peter’s course by far, takes the gold star. This impressive, condensed seminar saturates years of experience and learning and presents it in an easy to use package. A definite recommendation.” Trevor McWhinney – Vancouver, Canada

But I need your help.

I’m looking for filmmakers around the world who would like to help me bring my filmmaking workshops to their region – so we can discuss our craft, learn more about our art, and share our unique experiences as artists and story tellers.

The Art and Craft of the Director

Directing the Film Actor

So if you are interested in helping me with this venture, please email me and I will send you a proposal which discusses these two film workshops in more detail. And after you have read the proposal, and you would like to know more, we can chat further.

Also, if you do help me bring these workshops to your city, you will be able to attend them for free. This is my gift to you for helping me with my “international filmmaking mission.” 🙂

Thanks again for your time.

All the best,


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  • Juan May 9, 2010, 6:30 AM

    hi there. my name is Carlo Tarobal. i’m an aspiring filmmaker. i read about your post about a filmmaking workshop. i’m interested in helping you bring this workshop to our country. i’d love to be part of the workshop. learn things about filmmaking. everything.

    i hope you get to read this.


    juantarobal@yahoo.com – here’s my email address. i really hope you could bring the workshop here in the philippines.

  • abu kabore February 1, 2016, 3:55 AM

    I really love this lesson. thanks