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Acting 101: Ten Tips From Jeffrey Tambor’s SXSW Workshop

This article as written by Peter Knegt.

“You should be president,” someone in the audience said at the end of Jeffrey Tambor’s acting workshop in Austin, Texas yesterday. “I have never felt so inspired… And I don’t even work in the film industry.”

While presidency may be a stretch, it was hard to argue against the inspiration that was Tambor’s 90 minute workshop.  Met on stage at the Austin Convention Center by the stars of Bryan Poyser’s “Lovers of Hate” – Chris Doubek and Heather Kafka – Tambor continued an annual tradition at SXSW, by taking two actors from a film at the festival and getting them to reenact a scene from the film.  What resulted was a partly hilarious, and at times surprisingly affecting experience for the audience, and for Doubek and Kafka.”

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