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Openfilm Works Hard to Open Doors for Filmmakers

This article was written by Patti Fantasia.

“One website for filmmakers that I am extremely partial to is www.openfilm.com/,  which is working hard to change how independent films and their producers are discovered and enjoyed.  To be honest, in the interest of full disclosure, I must say that one reason why I like this site is because my blog is syndicated on it.  However, there are many other reasons as well.

Unlike online video sites, Openfilm is dedicated to cultivating independent filmmakers and providing the best technology platform available for viewing films online.  Already named one of the 50 top websites for filmmakers last year by MovieMaker Magazine, Openfilm has attracted approximately 16,000 registered members and secured more than 4,500 independent films already and it has yet to reveal more upcoming marketing strategies. Divided into several sections, the website covers, films, community, film festivals, distribution and contests.”

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