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Is this THE idea that could revolutionize independent film?

This article was written by Ben Hicks.

Filmmakers can no longer JUST think about the film. We have to think about our fans more than ever before and we really have take this seriously because…OUR FANS ARE THE NEW STUDIOS!

“I want to assure everyone that this is not a joke. I understand ‘revolutionize’ is an enormous word and should not be taken lightly so I want to make sure we are all clear on the definition of what the word revolutionize means. Merriam-Webster defines the word revolutionize as follows:

transitive verb
1 : to overthrow the established government of
2 : to imbue with revolutionary doctrines
3 : to change fundamentally or completely ex: revolutionize an industry

This idea could revolutionize the entire independent film industry, and the only reason I say “could” instead of “will” is because to make this a reality, film fans and a majority of the filmmakers out there must work together, believe in and fight for this idea.

This idea, if realized, would not only make it possible for an indie filmmakers to sustain but to also to make hundreds of thousands of dollars overnight.

Believe me, I understand how preposterous this all might sound. When my team and I were fishing around for ideas on a ways for filmmakers to sustain, our goal was to catch a fish, but for some magical reason, we caught a whale. This idea was so big that at first we didn’t even know what we were looking at, but once we stepped back far enough we realized that this idea could change EVERYTHING.

But before I talk about this idea I have to reinstate that for this to work we need filmmakers and film fans from all over the world to support this idea, this movement, this revolution. So if you are a filmmaker who wants to make a living as a filmmaker without being dependent on studios, distributors or advertising; or a film fan who wants to see an explosion of uncompromised Independent film: please blog, tweet, tell and spread this to all of your filmmaker and film loving friends. Then tell them to spread it to their filmmaker friends and tell them to translate this into another language and to spread it some more.

Now to make a clear decision one must clearly understand all the options. I know there are lots of filmmakers out there that know the current state of Indie film isn’t so good right now but for many filmmakers I’m assuming you’re too busy watching films and working on your own stuff to bother with the concerns of the film industry. Let me assure you, that you that you won’t really know how dark the present is until you contrast it with the light of tomorrow. Please read this post and question me if you think I am wrong in any way.”

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