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Is Television Today Worth Talking About?

Trilby and I were talking last night about the differences between television today and 20 years ago. I remember the days before video recording when we had to make sure we were home to watch our favorite programs (“NYPD Blue” for example.) And then the next day, we would talk about the shows we watched the night before.

Television of yesterday seemed to be more of a group experience than it is today. What do you think?

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  • Cecil December 1, 2008, 6:11 PM

    I remember rushing home after school to catch sitcoms like Growing Pains, Happy Days, Good Times and Different Strokes. The next day, my friends and I would be talking about every single scene. This even happened right up to the first few seasons of ‘Friends’ (before Monica and Chandler got married) and Seinfeld. We’d be re-telling the jokes in the office and laughing at every wisecrack remark we heard and saw. These days, people blog about it. They post comments on Facebooks groups where common fans gather. And they amass clips of favourite scenes on youtube. So yes, television is still worth talking about. We’re just communicating in a different way today. 🙂