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10 Pieces of DIY Filmmaking Equipment

This article was written by James Burbidge.

“How many times have you heard or read the phrase “in this wintry economic climate” or something similar over the past few months? Several, I bet. As the money falls out of the industry however, the indie filmmaker retains an edge over his/her studio counterparts. The indie filmmaker is used to working with a low budget, cutting it in half might mean a loss of £500, not £500,000.

The indie filmmaker usually has time on their hands to commit to their project. They are resourceful and they are already up for a challenge. The indie filmmaker is passionate about what they are doing. The indie filmmaker, in short, should not be put off by this wintry economic climate; they should relish it as part of the challenge.

It will however, mean changes as the slashed budget might not prioritise fancy kit and expensive equipment rental. A more imaginative approach is needed then; an indie filmmaker has to be willing to get their hands dirty to get their vision on screen. In view of the tighter restrictions on the budget, we have come up with a list of ten bits of useful kit that can add a more professional touch to your film but can be made at home quite cheaply instead of bought or rented for exorbitant prices.”

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The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking
How to Work (and Survive) in the
Film and Television Industry

by Peter D. Marshall

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  • James January 26, 2010, 8:32 AM

    Indeed, great footage can be achieved without spending thousands on equipment… I’ll check that list.