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Film Making Finance – 12 Points To Keep In Mind

This article was written by Abhishek Agarwal.

“Finance is a very important and crucial part of film making. While many people pull you here and there explaining about this vast topic, where as they are all beating behind the bushes, here are some real facts about film making finances.

Every film maker at some point in his career is supposed to make a choice between a hobby and a profession – that is whether you choose film making as a full time career or just a mere hobby. The key to the answer lies in their ability to finance or fund their own projects.

Film making, as we all know involves a lot of money in indeed, most oft the film makers focus on their current project, not the future ones. Hence in order to become a film maker, it is immensely important to understand the professionalism involved in film making, and the mechanisms of film investment.”

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How to Work (and Survive) in the
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by Peter D. Marshall

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