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No Film School? No Problem: Many Successful Docmakers Attended the School of Hard Knocks

This article was written by Beige Luciano-Adams.

“Over the last half-century or so, documentary filmmaking has evolved as a formidable and expansive institution. In the US, filmmakers have built a soaring and sensible architecture by challenging ideology, pushing creative limits and distilling practice, while helping to legitimize the craft on a global stage.

But the new generation of filmmakers faces a shifting landscape, including important changes in how they learn.

Ongoing technological advances have arguably democratized the form, while the proliferation of film studies programs in higher education continues to institutionalize the profession. Whereas previous generations tended to come up through the ranks–often under the tutelage of mentors–now aspiring filmmakers can go straight through to an MFA and, at least in theory, tap alumni networks for a production job after graduating.”

Read the rest of this article from Documentary.org.

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