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The Life of a Career Assistant Director


This article was written by Jonathan Ziegler.

“Craig Huston is a name you might know and might not. He’s not an actor or director or producer, but he’s had a career spanning decades. He has worked on 25 feature films and several TV series. I had the incredible opportunity to listen to him on Monday (7 December, 2009) at the December IFASA meeting.

The purpose of Mr. Huston’s discussion was to enlighten the Tucson indie film community on what it is an AD does for a production. Many things I learned I did not know and many I kind of guessed, but he definitely filled in many of the details. His experiences seem to mirror that of another career AD, Peter D. Marshall.”

Read this article from Indie Film Junkie.

The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking
How to Work (and Survive) in the
Film and Television Industry

by Peter D. Marshall

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