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Here’s a way you can accelerate your film making career

I am constantly on the lookout for exceptional filmmaking products for the Independent Filmmaker, and that’s why I’m letting you know about the “Movie Maker Action Pack” created by a friend of mine, Jason Brubaker.

I know Jason personally. He is a genuine film maker who is also making it his mission to share his film production knowledge with other filmmakers around the world.

(Take a moment to check out Jason’s website. I also recommend you sign up to his free “21 Part Movie Maker Mini Course” and his “Filmmaking Stuff Newsletter.”)

Over the years, Jason and I have exchanged articles for our blogs and have met in Los Angeles to discuss filmmaking. And the great thing about Jason, is that he and I compliment each others’ talents very well.


My background in the Film and Television industry comes from my 35 years of experience as a Documentary filmmaker, an episodic Television Director and a First Assistant Director on feature films. Jason brings into the mix his knowledge of writing and producing independent feature films.

“For those who want a roadmap for breaking into Hollywood, Jason Brubaker’s Movie Maker Action Pack is a good start. His e-book guide and companion workbooks are stuffed with information, insights and tactics, to help you achieve this goal.” Rick Schmidt, Filmmaker & Author “Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices” and “Extreme DV” (Penguin Books)

So why should you listen to Jason Brubaker?

Jason is one of those rare filmmakers who has produced money making feature films and has created a fabulous and well-written resource in order to share his successful production experiences with you.

10 years ago, Jason moved to Hollywood, started his own production company and produced his first feature film. Now, for the first time, he is going to share all of this insider knowledge with you in his new step-by-step movie making system called the “Movie Maker Action Pack.”

As you may know, I don’t recommend film making products very often because it takes a lot for me to be impressed. I also want to make sure that anything (or anyone) I do recommend has real production experience and will also give incredible value to indie film makers everywhere – not just in Hollywood!

With that in mind, I thoroughly reviewed my own copy of “Movie Maker Action Pack” and I stand behind Jason’s product 100%.

Here’s what you’ll find inside Jason’s “Movie Maker Action Pack.”

The “Movie Maker Action Pack” consists of 7 Action Guides, 7 Workbooks and 4 bonus ebooks (that’s over 400 pages!) covering everything from how to make powerful industry friends…to getting your money…to shooting your movie…to marketing and distributing your films.

1. Become Powerful Action Guide
2. Become Powerful WorkBook
3. Make Powerful Friends Action Guide
4. Make Powerful Friends WorkBook
5. Get Money Action Guide
6. Get Money WorkBook
7. Write Your Screenplay Action Guide
8. Write Your Screenplay WorkBook
9. Shoot Your Movie Action Guide
10. Shoot Your Movie WorkBook
11. Market Your Movie Action Guide
12. Market Your Movie WorkBook
13. Distribute Your Movie Action Guide
14. Distribute Your Movie WorkBook
15. Bonus #1 – Movie Making Daily Task List
16. Bonus #2 – Make Your Movie Check List
17. Bonus #3 – Movie Making Resource Guide
18. Bonus #4 – Movie Making Year Goal Planner

Jason will also show you the strategies that have allowed him to continually produce movies. He’ll share the example of his first feature film and tell you exactly how he created a movie that went viral, gained a cult following and got thousands of visits to the movie website. And he’ll even tell you how he converted those website visits into cash.

“Equal parts how-to guide and motivational tool, Jason Brubaker’s Movie Maker Action Pack provides aspiring Hollywood moguls with the confidence and know-how needed to make the leap from movie-watcher to Movie Maker.” Jared Tweedie, Writer-Producer Hollywood, CA

***An extra special (because it’s almost Christmas) Bonus!***

Now before I send you to Jason’s web page, I’m going to offer you an additional bonus that is not included on his sales page. This bonus is only for readers of this blog and it comes from me.

What I am going to give you (if you purchase Jason’s “Movie Maker Action Pack”) is a free copy of my Online film directing course, The Art and Craft of the Director which I sell for $67.00!

The Art and Craft of the Director” is a 201 page multimedia, Online audio course that gives you access to 100’s of proven insider tips and techniques that will demystify the process of film directing.

Again, I don’t recommend very many film products but I like what Jason has created with the 18 Action Guides, Workbooks and Bonus Ebooks that make up his “Movie Maker Action Pack” – and I know how valuable a tool it will be for every indie filmmaker.

Jason Brubaker is the real deal, and his step-by-step movie making system will reveal strategies that took him over 10 years to develop – strategies that will allow you to establish and accelerate your movie making career no matter where you live.

And don’t forget…

If you purchase Jason’s 400 page course, you will also get a free copy of my 201 page Online film directing course, The Art and Craft of the Directorcontaining 26 mp3 audio files you can download to your computer; over 30 down loadable PDF reports; over 65 links to videos you can watch; and over 600 links to useful film making reference websites. (This is a $67.00 value!)

To get your free copy of “The Art and Craft of the Director,” just email me your receipt for the “Movie Maker Action Pack” and I will immediately send you the download link for the 201 page course.

Okay, here is the link to Jason’s “Movie Maker Action Pack.”



FULL DISCLOSURE: If you decide to purchase Jason Brubaker’s “Movie Maker Action Pack”, I will receive compensation for it.

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