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Screen your movie trailers for Hollywood producers at The Trailer Festival

The Trailer Festival will take place on April 29th, 2010 at the ICM Screening Room in the MGM Tower, Century City, Los Angeles and will be hosted by Lloyd Kaufman.  Only trailers will be screened and the audience will be exclusively entertainment professionals.

This is an opportunity to get your work seen by companies like HBO, Universal and producers who have made hits such as ’40 Year Old Virgin’ and  ‘Lost’.  A complete list of attendees can be found on The Industry page.

You can submit your sizzle reel whether you have just the script or if you have produced your entire film.  Projects will be selected on merit alone and we will not ask for this information until after the selection process.

There will be a promotional DVD of the selected trailers which will be marketed throughout the following year.

Visit the The Trailer Festival website for more information.

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