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Matt Koval: The most famous Greek-American Filmmaker on YouTube.

This article was written by Anastasios Papapostolou.

“He is the Greek – American who “beat the system” of the entertainment industry. Like so many others, he could have been waiting for the day to meet the “right producer” or studio executive to start his career. Instead, Matt Koval took a risk. Although he was a “nobody”, that didn’t stop him. He decided to grab a camera and expose himself and his talent to the online world. The result? He has one of the most famous YouTube channels and is living his dream… online. In one year, his channel has grown from 50 subscribers to almost 60,000, with only 20 videos.

Koval’s webseries ,The Fuplers, has grabbed the attention of a regular following audience on the online world. Some of his videos have received more than 1,100,000 views. His Greek family name is Kovalakides, but he goes by “Koval”, since it is easier to pronounce. His Greek half is from Thessaloniki, as he told us in an exclusive interview.”

Read the rest of this article from Greek Hollywood Reporter.

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