Adobe Premier Pro film editing question

by Peter D. Marshall

This question comes from one of my subscribers to “The Director’s Chair”. If you have any answers or comments for Victor, please post them in the Reply box below and I will make sure he sees them. Thanks.

“I seek your advice on how to edit my footage on my first directed television l told you about. l am using Adobe Premier Pro and I intend on getting an external hard drive and would like to confirm if it is a great idea to dump the entire footage on the ext. drive or should l capture and edit as l go? What would be the best way to work out my bins and the footage as I edit?

Should l edit episode by episode or work as per scene or work it as per daily shoot then compile it at the end of the edit?

All these questions reflect that this is my first massive footage edit, so hey l have a bit of goose bumps and anxiousness. Please advice before I go crazy. Victor.”

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