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Online film-making comes of age

“Confession time! I’m a bit slow to embrace the latest gimmicks and gadgets.

For years I resisted the movie mode in still cameras on the principle that if you fancy yourself as a Spielberg then you shouldn’t be buying a Cartier-Bresson camera.

There are tools for the job, and there is no Swiss Army pocketknife camera that will do it all. Or so I thought!

I started to rethink our prejudices when the Nikon D90 popped up as the first DSLR with movie capture.

It offered middling high definition in a still camera, but when I tried it I was still not convinced. Canon followed the trend and I was moderately impressed with the 5D MkII’s movie-making ability.”

Read this article from Stuff.co.nz

The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking
How to Work (and Survive) in the
Film and Television Industry

by Peter D. Marshall

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