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DIY With a Little Help: OpenIndie Hopes to Bring Theaters within Filmmakers’ Reach

“Four Eyed Monsters” co-director Arin Crumley and U.K.-based film school graduate Kieran Masterton are developing a new web resource called OpenIndie to provide filmmakers with the opportunity to reach audiences around the globe.

Crumley and Masterson premiered a video today outlining their concept on the fundraising site Kickstarter. They hope to raise $10,000 for the project from a total of 100 filmmakers by October 29.

As explained in the video, OpenIndie.com will allow filmmakers to input their e-mail lists and discover locations with high audience demand. The grassroots strategy allows movies to reach their intended audiences with a community-based approach. Because the site is open-sourced, anyone can enter a location into the site and figure out the level of interest for specific movies.

“In their normal viewing habits, audiences are actually expressing their desires for what they want to see in movie theaters,” Crumley told indieWIRE in an interview yesterday. “The goal here is for filmmakers to make money through this kind of system by creating a community.”

Read this article from IndieWire.

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