Why every filmmaker needs Twitter

by Peter D. Marshall

“We’re on Twitter, are you?  While it’s still catching up to more established social networking tools like Facebook and MySpace, it really does seem like nowadays everybody is twittering.  But why?

The Basic Run-Down

Twitter asks us the question “What are you doing?”  There is no profile to load up with favorite books and movies and no web page that you can add your own code to in order to cause seizures with obnoxious flashing graphics. It simply allows you to track what your friends are up to in real time by web or phone.

Unlike Facebook, it’s not particularly valuable (or, for that matter, manageable) to sign on and follow the Twitter stream of every person you’ve ever met.  Rather, it’s to keep up with friends whose daily minutiae you really care about, find new friends that have common interests and, better yet, find out in real time what’s “going on” in your area from local sources so you can jump in on the fun!

For instance, if you follow our Twitter stream, you’ll be the first to know about our events, festival dates, promotional coupon codes, exclusive Twitter-follower-only events (Tweet-Ups), and what color panties we are wearing. Okay, maybe not that. But you get the picture.”

Read this article from Project Twenty1.


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