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Google Wave for Filmmakers: A Concept

“Last week, Google announced an upcoming product called Wave which the tech giant refers to as “what e-mail would look like if it were invented today”. By that they mean a communications system with all of the acquired knowledge of the 21st century without the hangups of the 20th. For deatiled info you should really check out the official Google Wave site, but I’ll try to keep the pre-required knowledge to a minimum here.”

Read this article from The Candler Blog.


The “Script Breakdown and Film Scheduling Online Course for Independent Filmmakers” is a 137 page pdf manual (with 16 audio recordings and 5 training videos) that takes you, step-by-step, through the proper process of breaking down a script and creating a realistic film shooting schedule.

This course is not just for Assistant Directors or Production Managers. It’s also for Directors, Producers and other filmmakers who want to have insider industry knowledge of the day-to-day activities that happen during the pre-production stage of any independent feature film or television series.


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